Luc Nugent | Return of the Associate

Luc_NugentCOLE+Associates Architects Inc. welcomes Luc Nugent back to the team!

Luc originally joined our team in 1995, bringing his passion for detailing and technical innovation at a transition point for our industry and our firm. Throughout his 22 years of experience, he has been part of a wide range of project typologies, delivery models and project team strategies. Each project has represented a new set of variables and constraints to be assessed, integrated with programming, budget and sequencing. This outlook on the challenges help Luc invigorate the team, consultants and the project to ensure that each collaboration realizes it’s highest potential. Luc’s bilingual heritage, varied cultural experiences and disposition, has led him to bring an empathetic perspective that evolves into constructive observations.

Over his many years in the industry, he has been challenged to constantly learn new software solutions while delivering more complex buildings in shorter spans of time. This reality is ever-present and Luc now applies his computer skills at the forefront of BIM development, applying new open-source parametric design and computational programing integrated within Revit and current design workflows.

Luc’s life-long technical perspective is what drives the application of strong values and perspectives into daily actions. Quality assurance, mentoring, teaching, training are staples of daily architectural team practice.

As he has been able to practice so many project tasks, throughout the years, Luc is very well suited to knead the changing projects’ requirements at key intersections of its evolution. Enumerating a few key skills developed through experience and training: Luc has successfully discharged positions such as draftsperson, job captain, construction administrator, specification writer, QA / QC reviewer, technical training, full-time site reviewer, production team planning and management, computer programming, computational designer, project coordinator and mentor. Based on his technical skills, effective soft-skills, attention to details within broader context and his personal passion for the craft, it is our privilege to welcome him back as one of our trusted Associates.