Re-Imagining the Business of Architecture

The Architects of COLE+Associates recently visited Toronto to attend the 2013 OAA Conference. The theme? Re-Imagining the Business of Architecture. And what a business this is!

C+A Senior Architect, Associate and man behind the lens, Stephen Jones took to the streets for ‘big city” flavoured inspiration, and to capture the visual smorgasbord that has become Toronto’s landscape. In the process, he provided insight into some interesting architectural accomplishments.

“There are great works in Toronto. An amazing amount of construction is going on in the core, including the resurrection of Union Station – that will finally bring light to the platforms, like the great railway stations in Europe.

One of the big draws unveiled in May, was the stainless steel sculpture in front of Living Shangri-La Toronto. I also couldn’t resist dropping in to see the David Milne exhibit at the AGO, the Regent Park renewal project with the light filled pool complex, the St. James Church-Rectory Addition, Ryerson’s Image Centre (Journalism-Film-Photography) and a deep hole on Yonge St. where SAM’S and A&A Records once stood!

SAM’s was a Mecca for our generation! We all travelled many miles to discover the new music of the day – the Beatles, Rolling Stones, CSN&Y et all !!

Huge changes, and most for the good – Toronto is truly becoming a world city!!”

The photo above displays the work of artist Zhang Huan, unveiled at Living Shangri-La building in Toronto on University Avenue, north of Adelaide. This incredible piece is aptly titled “Rising”.

The stainless steel sculpture rises over a reflecting pool and will sit behind a fence until edging is placed around the pool. A glass screen will likely be installed to protect the work at street level. Lighting will emit from the pool and soffit overhang, and more birds are yet to be installed flying into the lobby and to the exterior of the tower, as high as the 18th floor.

Check out all of Stephen’s photos on our Facebook page.