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_K2C9951 west side  fixed FINAL MASTER LAYERSIn a recent article in Research Perspectives, a journal published by the University of Ottawa, we found a tribute to the team behind the Advanced Research Complex. The vision of then Dean of Science included a plan to harmonize research efforts. The architecture of the building clearly communicates that vision, and is a further tribute to the Architects at COLE+Associates Architects Inc., who clearly agreed with this principal and followed through with the synergistic design we find today in the ARC Building on King Edward Street in Ottawa. A look around the campus allows us to appreciate the depth of the commitment by both the university and the architectural team involved.

The late André Lalonde, a former University of Ottawa Dean of Science, had a clear-cut vision for the Advanced Research Complex (ARC), the new home of photonics and geoscience research. It was to “put science on display,” recalls senior architect Stephen Jones of Cole and Associates, the Ottawa firm that designed the building at the corner of King Edward Avenue and Templeton Street. Indeed, passersby can see from the street—through a two-storey glass lobby—what’s going on in the Earth sciences laboratory that bears Lalonde’s name. It’s a stretch from most research labs, which are typically out of the public eye.

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