The ARC has Wind in Her Sails — Science & Architecture Collide at King Edward & Templeton in Ottawa

ARC Sets Sail -- Science & Architecture Collide

ARC Sets Sail — Science & Architecture Collide

Science & Architecture collide at the Advanced Research Complex, and what a beautiful collision it is.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been putting together marketing materials for the Advanced Research Complex at University of Ottawa. Photographing the spaces, meeting the people and discovering exactly what 5+ years of planning, design, programming & drive to excel have accomplished.

As I walk through the halls and labs, I am greeted at every turn with an education unto itself. What did I know about Advanced Mass Spectrometry or Geochemistry before this?  I could attempt to wax eloquent about the “stuff” I now know, but I just wouldn’t do it justice. Suffice to say, it is a pretty cool environment, and if I knew then what I know now, I just might have pursued that science degree instead of Graphic Design!

Every young person considering a science degree, should be given a glimpse of what they are doing here — the excitement of how special this is to these researchers is infectious. This is the stuff that recruitment videos are made of!

This research facility itself is top notch, the envy of every University in Canada, and a jewel in the proverbial scientific crown that makes Canada the “go-to” specialists in scientific research. The functional programming that integrates related research modalities is seamless and congruent. Fit and finish are environmentally conscious, durable, aesthetically pleasing and entirely functional, something I have yet to see work so harmoniously as it does here. Beauty it seems, has many forms, and the beauty of an excellent research facility is to have resources tied together, enabling collaboration to occur organically. We have certainly accomplished that here. There is more than just good architecture at work, there is the heart and soul of a team of many talented architects and technologists, engineers, project managers, construction crew and end users. It is amazing to behold actually.

These past few months mark a huge milestone for both the University of Ottawa, and COLE+Associates Architects Inc. We have launched the ARC — the new Advanced Research Complex on the uO campus, and research staff and grad students have started moving in — every single one of them huge smiles on their face, clearly pleased to be in their new space, and doing exactly what they love the most. Research.